Fully Booked In 4 Weeks — Facebook Competitions for Photographers

With Ally Stuart-Ross


Join successful working photographer Ally Stuart-Ross as she shares how to set up and run your own Facebook Competitions to attract great clients to your business.

Included in this training is EVERYTHING you need to set up and run your first and ongoing competitions, including:

  • Complete ad set-up
  • Example Facebook competition post
  • Example Landing Pages
  • Picking winners, runners up and third-place getters
  • What to offer for your prizes
  • How to follow up with your leads for the best conversions
  • Structuring your copy to grow your email list with your entrants - winners and losers
  • Ad design ideas and testing
  • Planning the process to make it a success

This training has everything you need and nothing you don't to make your photography competitions lead generation, bookings and sales that much easier.

Ally started her new photography business in 2020, amid the pandemic.

Today, she’s thriving and profitable!

Mabel & Møøse (Ally's business) went from zero to a full diary in literally weeks, all on the back of her Facebook competitions.

The studio is now very successful with a strong client base. 

You can learn more about Ally's business and journey here:

Two years on, and she’s just been able to take a full month's holiday and has come home to a full diary and happy clients. 

Ally's last Facebook Competition received over 350 entrants and resulted in thousands of pounds of income. 

"Mabel & Møøse had a turnover exceeding £80K in my first year.  My accountant is still in shock!"

That's USD$90k, AUD$140k and CAD$122k!

If you've always wanted to know how to run a profitable photography competition, this is your chance. Don't miss this one.

This class is for you if...

  • You don’t know where to start with running your own Facebook competitions.
  • Your business has downtimes, or your diary is looking empty for some months of the year.
  • You’d like to broaden your client base.

  • You are just starting out in business and have no idea how to find clients.

  • You would like to explore or start shooting a new genre and need some new clients.

  • You have taken on an associate shooter and their shooting diary has gaps you need to fill.
  • You would like to market to different clients and increase your prices.
  • You aren’t confident talking to clients even in their DMs .

  • You don’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising.

  • You want to get started on your own Facebook competition immediately after the training.

You deserve more great clients.


Why Competitions?

Because they are one of the best places to attract new photography clients.

Setting up your competition.

To make it repeatable over and over again.

Which prizes work?

And which ones don't, when it comes to attracting great entrants/clients.

How to choose winners?

Avoid the pitfalls when choosing the winners for your online competitions.

Writing scripts that work!

The biggest time saver is having these scripts available to you from Ally.

Landing pages that work.

Another BIG time saver when it comes to conversion and gathering more entrants/leads.

Turn winners (and losers) into clients.

Learn how to capitalise by turning your competition winners and non-winners into photography clients.


How to have your clients shout about your business from the rooftops. 

Come and join me, Andrew Hellmich, as I host Ally for this training.

I'll be keeping things on track and asking the questions you have on your mind. No stone will be left unturned.

What's included in the training?

  • Access to the live training session on Zoom.
  • Access to the stand-alone course on the PhotoBizX website following the live training.
  • Live Q & A with Ally straight after the training session.
  • Course Notes PDF download.
  • Scripts needed to run your own successful Facebook Competition.

YES, Ally will be getting into all the details.

Including how to set up your competition inside the Facebook Ads manager, budgeting, interpreting your numbers and how to maximise the success of your ads.

And NO, you don't need to spend thousands on your ads for a wildly profitable competition campaign.

Not sure if competitions will work for you?

Here are some questions I asked Ally about this training, the competitions she runs and what you can expect after implementing what she teaches...

Can you give me some details on how these competitions have affected your business?

Running Facebook Competitions has meant that I have grown my business from a start-up to a thriving studio in just 12 months. Mabel & Møøse had a turnover of over £80K in my first year.  I think my accountant is still in shock!

What does it mean to be able to run your online competitions when required?

Having a system in place to run Facebook Competitions means I don’t have to think about it too much now. When I am looking at a slightly empty booking diary, I run a competition. It’s a bit like turning on a tap.

How easy (or involved) are these competitions to run, now that you know how? 

They were really quite involved to set up, and I have learned so much from my mistakes. (Like offering a first prize to someone who was already booked in with me).

I could have saved myself valuable time and money if I’d been able to sign up for a course like this one. It would have been so simple to follow a ready-made system and have scripts to rely on. 

What were your concerns when originally running these comps?

I was worried that I might have attracted clients who were only in it for the prize/s.

This was why I developed a system that stops that from happening.

I have only had one person who just took the freebie.

Also, I am the only person running Mabel & Møøse, so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to cope with the extra admin needed to run a successful Facebook competition. This is why it’s vital to set it up properly from the start. Developing my system means that now I don’t waste time. 

So... are you in?