Evergreen Facebook Ad Funnels for Photographers (Version 2)

Join the 4 live sessions and ask questions as you learn OR tune in to the recordings and post your questions into the Group.

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What You Get:

  •  4 live sessions
  • Aceess to the lesson recordings
  •  Private FB Group for course members
  •  Q&A sessions during the course
  •  Special PBX Member pricing
  •  2 bonus tactics to build targeted custom audiences - one a little "gray hat" - if used incorrectly
  • FREE acess to any future iterations of this course
  • Your specific quesitons ansered

Your evergreen Facebook ads course has completely changed our approach to social media advertising. Step by step instructions and real-world examples combined with live feedback and group accountability were exactly what we needed to create the confidence needed to take action. – Jeremy Plummer

What You'll Learn:

  •  How to build out a simplified but strategic FB Ad funnel all the way to advanced, multi-ad funnels
  • Ability to create and set up your basic funnel after week 1
  •  Week 2 - how to take your funnel from basic to advanced or anything in between
  • Week 3 - Live Q&A session
  •  A solid understanding of how to modify any part of your funnel - by adding or removing ads, creating audiences and swapping out underperforming ads for better ones
  • Retargeting based on different audience actions 
  •  How to add your own spin on setting up your funnel, depending on your preference for video, copy and budget.
  • How to identify where your funnel is underperforming to make improvements 
  • Week 4 - 2 advanced audience building strategies to get your ads in front of your ideal clients in a particular location or inside Facebook Groups

When & Where:

  • Session 1: Tuesday, May 28th at 8am (AET) 
  • Session 2: Thursday , June 6th at 8am (AET) 
  • Session 3:Wednesday June 12th at 8am (AET) 
  • Session 4: Wednesday June 19th at 8am (AET) 
  • Via Zoom - where you can attend via video and audio
  • Recordings avaialable after each lesson

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I really can’t recommend this course enough. I am in marketing and thought I might get one or two things out of this course, but I was blown away. One lesson in particular is worth the cost of the entire course! If you want to advertise on social media, I think the process you set up in this course is an ABSOLUTE fundamental! - Aleisha Hey 

Looking forward to having you join me in dicovering how to build a long term strategy around Facebook Ads.

I guarantee this course is going to expand your ideas on how to utilse Facebook ads (without offering free sessions, unless you want to) and incorporate them into an evergreen funnel with your website, email marketing and branding - all while building authority within your niche.