How to build a photography website that WORKS!

With Jeff Brown

When: March 7th and 9th 2023 @ 8:00am AEDST

Your local time for session one: here
Your local time for session two: here

Where: Zoom (I'll provide a link)

Why: To convert more website visitors into paying clients who love you and your photography


Registration is limited, and the price increases to $297 after the live event!

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It'll be the perfect addition to the website training by Jeff and help get visitors to your new or revamped website.

For any photography website to be a SUCCESS, it MUST produce results in the form of leads, enquiries, bookings, and email subscribers on a regular basis.

Otherwise, your website IS NOT working effectively.

Website behaviour has changed, and so has GOOGLE’S algorithm.

These days it's all about the SCROLL. Website visitors love to SCROLL super-fast loading, mobile-friendly websites that take them on a natural journey to a sale. In order to convert visitors into paying customers, you must create a desire for what you do and sell the benefits of your photography.          

Static portfolio-style websites don’t produce great results.

They don’t create desire and don’t connect with potential clients. This training teaches how to do exactly that with your website!

Since the algorithm changes in August 2022, Google is now looking for fast-loading, scrolling websites that provide quality informative content on your homepage.

Photographs aren’t enough to convert your visitors into customers.

If you don’t have the right text, you’ll fail to show up effectively in future Google searches. 

This is your perfect chance to have Jeff show you his exact steps for creating a high-performance, lead-converting website.

If you've always wanted a website that brings in clients, don't miss this one.

This class is for you if...

  • You want to know how to make the most of the 3 seconds you need to make a great first impression with a new website visitor.
  • You want to create a high perceived value for your photography via your website.

  • You want to know the best colours and fonts to use for your website.
  • You want to know why portfolio websites DON'T work and why they are the worst type of websites for photographers in business.
  • You're unsure about the best website platform for ease of use, SEO and blogging and which platforms to avoid.

  • Want to know what you must do to stop visitors from BOUNCING back from your website to a competitors.

  • You want to know what content to create that will help drive visitors to become paying clients.
  • You want to understand what Google is looking for in 2023 with regard to websites, ranking and content.

  • You need the seven simple stages to take a visitor to their solution as your photography client.

  • You want to know what and where to place your calls to action, your CTA's to have visitors contact you or allow you to contact them.

Not sure if your website needs a makeover? Here's what Jeff will be covering... you decide.

In this training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a high-end premium photography brand
  • Appeal to your ideal client type by building your brand around them
  • Instantly connect with your visitors and keep them on your homepage
  • Build a website that is visually stunning and excites your visitors
  • Sell the benefits of your photography and build a desire for your services
  • Qualify every visitor on price, so you weed out the freebie hunters
  • Drive your visitors to take action on the homepage by contacting you directly
  • Increase your enquiries and convert more enquiries into bookings
  • Understanding Google’s Helpful Content Algorithm update
  • What Google is looking for and how to provide it on your homepage
  • How to grow an impressive email list of future clients 
  • Create a blog that brings hundreds of potential clients to your website 
  • Easily write blogs that your potential clients will love and engage with

PDF's included with this training

A succinct guide to refer back to after the training that covers topics from session one.

Brand colours, font styles, personality, messaging, logos and how to put them all together are covered in this handy guide.

The perfect guide to keep you on track with your messaging, content, style and SEO for blogging.

The interactive training is divided into FOUR areas covered over two sessions.

Maximise your website conversions and online marketing to build a premium photography brand.  

How to create a Premium Photography Brand that allows you to Charge More

You have less than 10 seconds to make a connection and keep visitors on your homepage.

Otherwise they’ll just hit the back button and go to your competitors website.

It's not just about your content, it's also about your BRAND. 

Jeff will cover how to develop and grow your brand.

Understand the Essential Fundamentals to a Great Photography Website

This includes colour palette, fonts, brand personality and what you're aiming to achieve with your website.

Primarily... be found, create desire amongst your target clients and drive action.

All points Jeff will cover in the training.

Creating a Scroll to a Sale Website that Converts Visitors into Customers

Google is now focused more on User Experience than Keywords.

Will your website provide visitors with a solution to their search?

Think about your client’s buying journey and create content your prospective clients are searching for.

Now you can create a visitors journey to a booking with you.

How to Write Blog Posts that Bring Customers to your Website for Free

First, learn to empathise and talk the language of your clients.

Then connect with visitors by understanding their buying fears, alleviating their worries and concerns with your solutions.

Show your visitors how easily you can solve their problems and they will choose you.

Come and join me, Andrew Hellmich, as I host Jeff for this training.

I'll be keeping things on track and asking the questions you have on your mind. No stone will be left unturned.

PLUS: You'll have the chance to ask your questions and get one-on-one access to Jeff throughout the training and immediately afterwards!

I'm looking forward to having you join me in discovering how to successfully build your high-converting website.

Jeff Brown is a best-selling photography business author, LinkedIn influencer and mentor to hundreds of photographers in over 20 countries worldwide.

His focus is helping photographers build a premium brand, dominate online and make a lot more money.

He's perfectly positioned to help you build a premium high-end photography website that actually brings in new clients.

Jeff's latest book has just been released: HELP! My Photography Website Needs More Customers.

Not sure you can or should do this?

If you want to be the Go-To Photographer in your niche and charge a premium for your photography services, this course is for YOU.          

People buy because brands appeal to them; people buy on perceived value. If everyone in the world bought on price alone, there would be no premium brands.    

There is a belief amongst many photographers that they can never charge a premium for their services; this is WRONG.

Your customers aren’t photographers. They are consumers, they might not truly understand photography, but they can sense a cheap-looking brand and website a mile off.

For any website to produce leads, it MUST DO 3 THINGS:  

1. It has to be found on Google.
2. It must connect with your visitors and create a desire.

3. It has to drive them to take action and hit the book now button.  

In this course, you’ll learn how to do just this.

Start showing up in Google searches, connect with your website visitors as a premium photographer and create a desire for your services.

Finally, drive visitors to take action, call you, email you, or hit the book now button.    

If your website isn’t producing results, then register and let’s create a photography website that delivers results.

So... are you in, before the PRICE DOUBLES after the live training?